An Untold Story of Bangalore Escorts

Akant was a young entrepreneur who was running a startup in the IT city Bangalore. He always wanted to become an entrepreneur; he did 9 to 5 jobs for several years to raise the capital and finally his dream came true. He became is a proud owner of a small digital agency which had in total 15 clients. Akant focused on providing result orientated high quality services to his client and for this he hired several professionals including writers, designer, web developers and marketers. Among his employees, there was a beautiful girl called Mansi who used to take care of graphic designing.  She was Bangalore escorts, but nobody knew it.

Mansi was a broad minded girl and friendly girl and she became the most loved person in the office. She was an average performer and undisciplined at work, but her beauty and humorous talks outweighed her weaknesses. Even Akant liked her ignored her work flaws.

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Mansi Got Attention

She used to wear heavy makeup and short western dresses; she always made sure that she looked attractive as escorts in Bangalore had to get customers. But her colleague had begun to notice strange things about her like vulgar phone calls and unscheduled leaves. She would get a lot of calls and treated them privately. She used to come late frequently and needed half days and leaves every week. Akant had given her some flexibility considering the sad story of her sick mother. Even she was the only one permitted to work from home.

Akant was very lenient to Mansi and she took full benefit of it and one day she crossed all the limits. She was delaying the urgent project of an important client and it was the last day of the deadline. She was supposed to submit it in the morning and it was noon already, even her phone was not reachable. Since the project was crucial and Mansi was working from home, Akant decided to visit her.


The Dirty Secrete Revealed

The home of Mansi wasn’t far from the office, after half an hour drive Akant reached her home. He was in a very angry mood and entered the half closed door without knocking. He heard the loud groaning voices and could resist peeing into her bedroom. He was shocked to see Mansi riding the dick of a muscular man. Without a second though Akant took out his mobile phone and recorded all the sex activities. After watching the erotic sexual intercourse, Akant also wanted to enjoy a bit.

When the muscular man left, Akant entered in the bed room of Mansi. After a long sex, she was relaxing naked with closed eyes. She didn’t even notice the presence of her boss. Akant stood quietly by her side and closely observed her well crafted beautiful body, by now he had realized that she is a part of Independent Bangalore Escorts.

Akant decided to take nude photographs of Mansi to exploit her, but the flash of camera woke her up. She was wonderstruck to see her boss in her bedroom and covered up her body with the bed sheet. “What you are doing her sir” Mansi fumbled, Akant didn’t say a word but played the recorded video. “I am ready to do anything for you please delete this video” Mansi cried and sprinted to grab the phone. She could not get the phone, but landed in the arms of Akant naked.

Akant threw the phone aside and crushed her in his arms caressing her soft body. Mansi completely surrendered herself without any protest as he had no other option. Akant had a great sex experience with Mansi and he promised to keep it secret.